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CNC Stand with built-in storage

My CNC was originally designed to have a very low overall height to be able to fit under a desk. But since I now keep the CNC in the Devex workshop there is no need for the low profile. It is also very inconvenient with the low working position so I decided to build something that would give the CNC a better height.

I came up with the following design in Freecad. It is a frame built out of 45x95 mm construction lumber (spruce). However the lumber I got from the store was skewed so I planned them down to 40x90 mm. The frame have integrated drawer slides inspired by this design:

Assembling the frame

All the pieces where cut on my Luna Master W57 combination machine.

After the first section of the frame hade been glued I could make the cutouts for the longitudal crossmembers.

Assembling the drawers

I built the drawers out of 10 mm plywood.

Creating the pulls


I applied a couple coats of spray laquer on the drawer pulls.

Mount the CNC on the stand

I first disassembled the wheels from the CNC.
The wheels were then attached to the bottom of the frame.
Lifting the CNC to its right place was quite a cumbersome task.
The cutouts on the top of the frame matches the profile of the CNC.

Mounting the pulls

The finished CNC drawers stand