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Headboard with reading lights

I designed and built this add-on headboard construction to have integrated reading lights in the headboard.

The headboard is constructed from 27 mm oak and the lamps are from a local thrift shop.

The lamps are controlled by separate flip-switches.

A bit unusual for me, this project was constructed without much planning on before hand.

I just had the overall measurements printed down, the dimensions between the centre of the two beds and the height I wanted the lamps to be able to sit against the headboard without hitting my head in them.

After that I just rough cut the lumber and designed the headboard as I went.

The main construction consist of three pieces that are joined together as can be seen in the picture.

I created adapters in plywood to that would fit inside the lamp foot.

These adapters where then screwed to the headboard and the lamps was screwed to the adapters.

All cables was routed in grooves on the backside of the headboard.

It is important to have a good strain relief for the mains cable so it can not be pulled loose.

All cabling was covered with thin plywood panels.

Two long boards was attached that allowed the headboard add-on to be screwed to the existing headboard.

The finished results can be seen below.