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Coffee table - CT1

A coffee table in oak and tempered glass. Parametric design in cadquery and interactive 3d-modell.


Headphone stand

A headphone stand in oak and stainless steel.


Mount for the Kress 1050 FME-1

I choosed the small 300W @ 48V DC-spindle that I am using on my eShapeoko CNC-router on the basis of it is supposedly low level of noise. I was hoping to be able to use the router in my apartment and low noise was therefore very important.

The obvious drawback however with this small DC-spindle is that it is very low power. It needs to be run with a low feed and shallow depth pass to be able to handle the cutting load.

Since some months back my CNC-router is stationed at Devex workshop. There is no need for low noise in the workshop so I decided to upgrade the spindle to the high power Kress 1050 FME-1.

There is a substantial size difference as well.

The speed range is 5000-25000 RPM and the max power draw is 1050 W.

I can’t use the same mount for the new Kress that I used for the old spindle. So I had to build a new one.


Creating the main base for the turntable

The turntable project is moving forward. Now the platter base is completed.


Cutting the turntable platter and bearing seat

Okay people, the turntable project has started for real now! I have manufactured the first parts using my CNC Router and sourced some parts for the platter bearing.